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Jerrice Baptiste is a Poet, intuitive and integrative healer, and facilitator of meditation and visualization, prayer, poetry, and music for healing. Jerrice embraces the belief that connecting to Spirit is the way to living a beautiful, powerful, peaceful, joyful life.


Tu Es Ma Belle, You Are My Beautiful

I'm delighted to announce that my children's book Tu Es Ma Belle, You Are My Beautiful has been published by Educa Vision!  This "Positive message for every girl from every culture" is seen through the eyes of Josie—a little Haitian girl—who is part of a beautiful family tradition where all of her cousins are greeted by the same loving words every morning...
You can preview and purchase Tu Es Ma Belle at Educa Vision, and it's available on Amazon.

Reviews of Tu Es Ma Belle

Jerrice has used her beautiful words to inspire! Combining story with her Spirit-based poetry, she has created a treasure that hopefully will feed the souls of young girls for years. The book comes even more alive with April's sweet, colorful illustrations. Share this with your family and start your own will be your reward.
- Rev. AnnE O'Neil

This is a loving, calm, beautiful book. Every little (and not so little) girl should have a copy. I will be buying it for my grandchildren. Bravo, Jerrice J. Baptiste!
- Abigail Thomas's most recent books are A Three Dog Life and Thinking About Memoir

I love the message in this wonderful book by Jerrice J. Baptiste: mothers and aunts telling daughters and nieces that they're worthwhile and beautiful. What a better world this would be if all little girls heard this when they were young. And I love April Matula's artwork too. Thank you both!
- Bar Scott, author of The Present Giver, published by ALM Books

Delightful art accompanies the lyrical words of Jerrice J. Baptiste in Tu Es Ma Belle... Her concept book models a message of self-worth.
Josie's Haitian family has a tradition that goes back for generations: The mothers start the day with a mantra of love that nurtures self-esteem. Josie wakes up in Brooklyn, but she has Haitian cousins living in many different places. Each of them starts the day hearing the same greeting, tu es ma belle.

- Bobbi Katz, poet and author of Once Around the Sun, whose popular anthology, Pocket Poems, is now available in paperback.

Teacher Testimonials of Tu Es Ma Belle

Dear Jerrice,
Remarkable! It is one thing to write a story for children, however, it takes extraordinary patience to take that story and bring it to life while children are snacking and hyped up after being in school all day. But there you were with your quiet spirit patiently waiting and then with the biggest, brightest smile, you lit up the room, announced who you were and where you came from and you proceeded to speak in French; getting everyone's attention. Awesome! I can't wait for you to return this summer to give even more children an opportunity to experience the world in which your story and you took us to.
I recommend that you take your story into the classroom and beyond to afford many others the joy of interacting through your story telling!

Thank you and thank you,
Teresa A. Thomas-Washington
Director, Read and Write Tutorial Program
Kingston, NY

Jerrice visited my childcare center which services children from six weeks to twelve years of age, on three different occasions. She read the book Tu es ma belle of which she is the author. The book unfolds a tradition which is beheld in a diverse culture.
In her readings to the children, Jerrice introduced the children to the French language. She allowed time for the children to repeat the words in context. Throughout the story she stopped to explain vocabulary and to ask questions. Jerrice read poems from the book as well. After the reading she had the children do an activity. All of the readings were done in an age appropriate manner. The younger children did not hear as many poems as the older. The activity "I am Good Enough to…" was adjusted to the various ages. Jerrice used movement for the younger ones and had the older children write a pocket poem. The children as well as the staff enjoyed the visit. I am happy Jerrice chose my school.

Veronica Uhl
Owner, Little Red Schoolhouse
Kingston, NY

I am writing to recommend that all local and regional schools, summer camps, and children's programs invite author Jerrice J. Baptiste to read her whimsical, meaningful, multicultural book, Tu es ma belle, to their group of children.
Tu es ma belle is a meaningful message of self-approval and interconnectedness. It tells the story of girls waking up around the world to their mothers' words of loving appreciation. Woven into the main story are poems that evoke beauty and strength. The whimsical watercolors give the text a dreamy quality. Jerrice reads her own words with warmth and expressiveness and often pauses to ask the group for their reflections. The children in my schoolhouse program were uplifted and inspired by her visit. I hope you enjoy Jerrice's visit as well.

Nikki Garrett
Program Director, Sojourner Truth Schoolhouse
New Paltz, NY

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